interaction intervention Yield history and loyalty transformation

"If we are unable to differentiate the interventions from the interactions, then we don't know our business" -

We have been reengineering - redesigning, downsizing, continually improving and so on - ever since we received the seven steps to achieve significant levels of improvements in quality, time and cost. But, the results have been dismal..especially in the manufacturing sector to which these theories are primarily focused. We have thrown away the baby..

It is time to look at these theories and they really work ?!. Probably not! 

Why are our solutions so complex?..Do we really understand the problem? Are we using reengineering theory as a convenient excuse to do something else, rather than addressing the issues ? 
If we are to achieve true transformation, we need to understand the four pillars of transformation by looking inside - interactions, interventions, yield (goals/plans), and the bias (history).
It is time to reengineer the reengineering!
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